Floor Surface Preparation including Scarifying, Shot-Blasting, and Concrete Grinding

We prepare the substrate by removing any top coat, contaminants and debris. This creates a surface the desired coating can completely bond to. We use state of the art machinary and hand labor as needed to perfect the surface.

Crack and Joint Repair - Caulking

We seal or caulk any existing cracks and joints to create a smooth surface and minimize cracks in the coated surface.  Once the top coat is cured, we also create saw cut and fill any existing joints with flexible caulking so dirt and debris does not get trapped.

Seamless Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Once the surface is prepared, AIC will create a seamless floor, wall or ceiling coating based on your requirement.  Many colors and textures are available to create the appearance and function you require.

Polished and Stained Concrete

We prepare the concrete surface to remove blemishes and treat the surface making it durable and stain resistant.  Then your choice of stains or colors and a final seal is applied to make your floor visually stunning and low maintenance.

Repair and Coat Trenches and Drains

Trenches or drains that have been damaged by years of use can be brought back to the proper drain pitch, size, depth, and width to meet your requirements including FDA/USDA standards.

Install Epoxy and Urethane Coating Systems

Your choice of textures, colors and thickness are available for floors, walls or ceilings.