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Seamless Epoxy Flooring

Protective coatings including: Non-skid, Epoxy coatings, urethane flooring, Wall coatings 

Non-Skid Coatings

AIC offers a variety of single and two component non-skid formulations for maximum durability under heavy vehicular or pedestrian traffic. It’s resistant to fire, fuels and oils, acids or alkalis, solvents, salt water, caustic detergents, alcohol, grease and hydraulic fluids. Non-skids applied outdoors are designed to resist weather. This makes it ideal for ramps, loading areas, walkways, forklift routes, bottling lines and tank farms  — wherever you need an extremely tough and aggressive anti-slip surface.

Based on modern polymer chemistry, the coatings provide maximum adhesion, durability, performance and chemical resistance.

Urethane Cement

Urethane Cement is a solution specifically designed for severe environments where chemical and resistance to rapid changes in temperature (thermal shock) are required. This product is resistant to chemicals, thermal shock, scrapes or scratching and impacts.

Because of their reasonable cost and durability, polyurethane concrete coatings are an ideal solution for chemical processing plants, food and beverage facilities, washout pits and anywhere that thermal shock and chemical resistance is required or traditional epoxy flooring may fail.

Non-Skid Fiberglass Plates

Employee slips and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. Stairs, scaffolding, decks, platforms and wet floors are much more hazardous than many people realize.

AIC offers a wide range of grit-coated fiberglass step and walkway covers. These non-slip coverings provide a permanent and durable anti-slip solution where falls or slips are likely. Our non-slip fiberglass step covers and walkway applications are custom made to size and easily installed to provide slip resistance, durability and a permanent anti-slip solution.

Elastometric Deck Coatings

Elastomeric deck coatings are used in parking garages, pool decks, pedestrian bridges, and balconies. They can withstand heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They reduce maintenance cost and protect concrete or plywood decks from corrosion and freeze-thaw damage. They also provide waterproofing which is specially needed for above ground decks.

It can be applied by on various materials like concrete, steel, and plywood.

Stainless Steel Coatings for Steel

Our stainless steel coating is a tough, long lasting two component, water base epoxy resin filled with 316 stainless steel flake in an ultra durable non-HAP and low VOC formula.

Protects steel, aluminum, ceramics, cast iron, plastics, wood and even stainless steel. Helps prevent deterioration caused by harsh chemicals, severe atmospheres or conditions and is heat resistant up to 400°F.  USDA and FDA approved.

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